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The following photograph scans were sent to the organization in 2002 by Bill and Josi Hiller. If you you can help identify the "who, what, when, where and why" of these photos, it would be greatly appreciated.

1. - Sam and Elmire (Gasser) Elmer and their six children. Seated are Sam, Estherlee Ruth (youngest daughter) and Elmire (wife). Standing are Elsie Ernestine, Otto Herman (my grandfather), Benjamin Samuel, Edna Elmire and Olga Adele.

[Identification supplied by Jeff Elmer, 12/19/08]

2. - 50th Anniversary (1930) Celebration of
John Henry Vick and Ernestine Elmer Vick

[Jeff Elmer notes, "Sam is standing and Elmire is seated - both at far left."]

3. - Sam and Elmire (Gasser) Elmer with grandchildren. The only children I recognize are Otto’s. Harold Stout, my uncle, is in Sam’s lap and Marion Claire, my aunt, is seated at far right. From the recorded birthdates dates that I have, I suspect the other girls are Olga’s (2) and Edna’s (2). Their names are Erlene Adell, Verna Anna, Elizabeth Georgine and Laurice Jeanne.

[Identification supplied by Jeff Elmer, 12/19/08]

4. - Bill & Edna Elmer Runyan - 1918

[Jeff Elmer notes, "Bill Runyan and Edna Elmer were married May 5, 1918. This must be a wedding photo.]

5. - Sam Elmer Home

6. -

7. - Sam and Elmire (Gasser) Elmer with children and grandchildren. Back row – Edna & Bill Runyan, Ben Elmer & Cora Ellingsson (I think) , Olga, Elsie, Olga’s husband Fred Jose, (I think), Otto Elmer and Esther (my grandparents). Front row – Grandchildren – I am only sure about my uncle Harold, to the right of Sam and my aunt Marion to the right of Elmire.

[Identification supplied by Jeff Elmer, 12/19/08]

8. - Sam Elmer Gathering

[Jeff Elmer notes, "I see my father, Charles Howard, standing in front of Elmire. My aunt Marion is seated 2nd from left and my uncle Harold is seated 5th from left."]

9. -

10. -

11. -

12. -

13. - Jeff Elmer notes, "Obviously a later day picture of Sam and Elmire (Gasser) Elmer's children. I have a copy of this picture. It is dated August 1950 and probably taken by Bill Runyan as I have other photos taken by him at this event. – seated are Otto and Estherlee and standing, Ben, Elsie, Olga and Edna."

14. - Olga, Elsie & Otto Elmer

15. - Sam and Elmire (Gasser) Elmer

16. - Sam and Elmire (Gasser) Elmer

17. - Sam and Elmire (Gasser) Elmer

18. - Elmire (Gasser) Elmer with grandchildren.

19. - Sam, Estherlee, Elmire and Ben Elmer.

20. -

21 - Bill & Edna Elmer Runyan
22. -

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