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Family Organization
Financial Statement

The Jacob Elmer Clan is a not-for-profit, family history organization focusing on maintain our family genealogy and organizing social events.  The following accounting is a listing of the organization's donations and expenses.  Use of equipment, web hosting and time is donated. This page will be updated as income is received or expenses are incurred.

Any donations, no matter how small, will be appreciated and will be used only to forward the genealogical and historical work of  The Jacob Elmer Clan.

Since we have no bank account, please direct  any donations to Mike Dunton, c/o The Victory Seed Company, PO Box 192, Molalla, Oregon  97038.

The Elmer Family Organization Financial Statement
All figures in U.S. Dollars





3/27/08 Registered domain name ( out of pocket.  Hosting website on internal servers. 9.45



4/2/08 Starting balance as transferred from Daniel Fries. 98.40   98.40
3/27/09 Annual domain name fee renewal   9.45 88.95
3/27/10 Annual domain name fee renewal   10.45 78.50
3/27/11 Annual domain name fee renewal   10.45 68.05
3/27/12 Annual domain name fee renewal   10.45 57.60
3/27/13 Annual domain name fee renewal   10.45 47.15
3/27/14 Annual domain name fee renewal   10.45 36.70
3/27/15 Annual domain name fee renewal   10.45 26.25
3/27/16 Annual domain name fee renewal   10.45 15.80

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