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An Elmer Coat of Arms

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Coat of Arms for Elm

Elm, Switzerland

Hotel Elmer WebCam

Larry and John Dunton took a trip to Europe and the following photograph were taken around the hamlet of Elm, Switzerland on August 14, 2004.  [Note: Brothers Larry and John Dunton are great-grandsons on Ernestine Elmer Vick.]

The church and the cemetery

John walking in the cemetery.

Church Plaque

Another plaque with a lot of Elmers engraved on it.


Inside Church


Elmer Church Window

Elm originally belonged to the parish of Glarus, but in 1273, a new parish was formed in Matt. In 1493, Elm received a papal dispensation to establish a new parish.

On March 22, 1528, the Reformation reached Elm, and the church was stripped of its ornaments. In 1594, the parish was separated from the parish of Matt.

John L. Dunton, Jr. in front of the Elm Visitor Center

Elm, Switzerland

Main Street

Another Street Scene

Another Street Scene


John L. Dunton, Jr. - Elm, Switzerland - Kirche in Background

 Typical messy side yard!

Hotel Elmer, Elm, Switzerland August, 2004 John L. Dunton, Jr. & Lawrence Dunton

Another view of the hotel.

Original Hotel Elmer - Newer Addition seen at left


Economy:  The major occupation of Elm has been agriculture, including sheepherding since 1000. In the 18th century, the wool industry (home-based) became an important economic factor. In the 17th century and early 18th century, beef cattle were pastured in the Alps in summer for export to Italy.

The baths at Wichlen were in use since the middle ages and are first mentioned in 1547. They were very popular until they were buried by an avalanche in 1762. Many characteristic wooden structures have survived. In 1898, a new Kurhaus was opened, which flourished until World War I. Today, it is used as a retirement center.

Starting in 1861, slate was quarried from the Tschingelberg for school tablets and styluses.

From 1929 to the present, the only industry in Elm has been the mineral water firm Mineralquellen Elm AG.

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